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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by FIITJEE

FIITJEE is the Forum for IIT-JEE.It is premier Institute giving preperartions for IIT-JEE and other Engineering Entrance Examinations. Started in Delhi in the Year 1992, It is Presently in almost all state capitals (More than 50 cities) across the country.

Is FIITJEE meant for only IITJEE. How is it different from other Institutes ?

Even though the FIITJEE Programs speak about JEE ( Main & Advanced) Coaching the preparations are given comprehensively for other competitive Exams also like NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY and also Engineering Entrance Exams like BITSAT etc. FIITJEE's USUQ program prepares students for SAT, SAT II and AP (For Admission in US Universities). FIITJEE has a unique pattern of selecting the students through Admission Test & selected student are given a personalized coaching(Individual Attention) at each and every point of time. FIITJEE Also has permanent faculty members fully trained & also dedicated to train the students effectively in all the subjects. The study material of FIITJEE is patternt proof i.e. students are prepared for JEE (Main & Advanced) irrespective of any type of pattern. FIITJEE, on the basis of performance in the class exams assigns a Success potential Index (SPI) which helps the student to improve his level. Even after completion of coaching, rank improvement programs are conducted to improve the student to get a better rank. FIITJEE 's Integrated school programs are the first of its kind and is a revolution in education. It prepares the student for competitive exam within the school schedule along with extra curricular activities and sports. Moreover FIITJEE has consistent & excellent results in all competitive exams.

What is the procedure to join FIITJEE programs?

Students who are willing to join have to appear for an admission test conducted by FIITJEE. Based on the performance in the admission test various programs will be offered according to his / her class.

Why can't we get direct admission for FIITJEE programs ?

There are two reasons for it. One main reason is that FIITJEE's Programs are special programs preparing student for coveted entrance examinations like JEE (Main & Advanced), Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE, SAT etc. Not every student will be able to appreciate the extra load. Moreover, by way of admission test we endeavour to ensure students have sufficient base knowledge to appreciate the program. Yes Success will depend upon his hard work, Sincerity, Continuity and support from his parents. Secondly we have limited seats to offer.

Is your admission test based on CBSE ?

No. It is based on the current patterns of JEE (Main & Advanced), Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE, SAT etc. Our admission test is not restricted to a particular curriculum. It is designed to check the overall ability of the student instead of just command of the subject. The IQ test is specifically designed to test a student's potential for JEE (Main & Advanced).

How frequently FIITJEE conducts admission tests ?

Normally FIITJEE admission tests almost happen twice every month from January to July every year on Sundays. In case of short contact programs admission tests happen from August to January.

What are the subjects to be prepared & what is the question pattern in the admission test ?

At the Junior level, for students seeking admission to class 6th - 10th the subjects for testing are IQ + Sci + Maths. At the senior level , for student seeking admission to class 11th and 12th or 12th pass, tests will be conducted in IQ, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Can we get hard copies of sample question papers for admission test ?

In order to ensure smooth flow of information FIITJEE wants to validate your contact details like address, Tel No's , E Mail ID's etc online after registering for admission test. Log on to the website http://www.fiitjee.com/updatecontact.aspx to update the contact details. The sample papers are available online after this validation. And information for the same is provided on the FIITJEE Admission Test Hall Ticket

What is the cut off for getting selected for getting scholarship in admission test ?

FIITJEE's Admission test is being evaluated with the similar process of competitive exams. Based on the question paper difficulty level and overall performance given on a particular date of the exam, the percentile system of selection is given both for the program offering as well as scholarship.

Why doesn't FIITJEE conduct online admission test ?

The students from rural areas are not aware with online exams especially in the lower classes like 6th, 7th & 8th. Even the most coveted exam like JEE (Advanced), NTSE etc are written exams only. Moreover it will take more time for India to develop facilities for online exams in bulk

Can I appear in FIITJEE admission test for the second time ?

Yes. If a Student appears in FIITJEE admission test (including Big Bang Edge Test) for the second time, Scholarship if awarded, in the latter test will be scaled down by one slab so that he / she does not have any undue advantage over a fresh Student appearing for the first time.

FAQ' s -Enrollment

Frequently asked questions

Why are your enrollment formalities very tedious ?

We believe in making everything clear to you and specially the worst part. Verbal discussions may create communication gaps. We want you to be clear of every aspect of the program at FIITJEE in writing.

Why certain points in your enrollment form are repeated ?

It might look as repetition but they were created to ensure that there is no communication gap.

Why are there so many fee heads in your fees plan?

For transparency and clear communication, To keep you aware on what you are spending and what is inbuilt in the program.

Why there is no fee structure in your brochures?

In order to give advantage to serious aspirants who plan to start their preparation early, FIITJEE charges less fee from early joining students. Various fee plans in the brochure will make it bulky and it will be confusing to student and parent too. To stream line it, the applicable fee plan's along with entire Enrolment Kit are provided in the online results of the respective FIITJEE Tests.

Why is your fee structure changing always ?

Competitive exams like JEE (Main & Advanced), KVPY, Olympiads, NTSE, SAT etc require a preplanned and strategic approach. To encourage students to start their preparation early, we offer lesser fees to them who plan in advance and start their preparation early.

How frequently FIITJEE conducts admission tests ?

Normally FIITJEE admission tests almost happen twice every month from January to July every year on Sundays. In case of short contact programs admission tests happen from August to January.

Why can't we have a single payment option?

A single payment option will not be convenient to many students / parents. If it is convenient to you, you can very well pay all the installments at one go.

Why FIITJEE fees are on higher side ? What is there more in FIITJEE when compare to others ?

Everything is structured, right from registration till student passing out for JEE. FIITJEE has never compromised on quality. As an added advantage, we have full time faculty, fully dedicated for Training purposes ensuring high standard of teaching, Comprehensive Study Material, very good infrastructure etc. Hence for quality product you can spend an extra cost.

Will you conduct special classes for students who miss the classes due to unavoidable circumstances ?

No, we don’t provide special classes in the schedule for the missed out classes. But still the child has an advantage of seeking the help from respective faculties by way of fixing appointments. Normally in FIITJEE, doubt clearing session happens at a frequency of almost every day.

Is it sufficient if i concentrate on FIITJEE study material alone or do i need other material to supplement ?

IITJEE study materials are prepared by a committed team which ensures the latest developments and updates in JEE (Main & Advanced) and other competitive exams. They are extensive and elaborative. Moreover the study material of FIITJEE is pattern proof which you can confirmed with FIITJEE student who was successful in JEE. Hence it is upto you to decide.