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FIITJEE- Vijayawada

        Vijayawada is the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a city of educational institutions, catering to needs of students not only from Andhra Pradesh but also from various states of India. Peaceful yet busy with business, Vijayawada provides a very calm and conducive environment to students pursuing studies.

FIITJEE Vijayawada with its rich experience in mentoring has become a hub for students who wish to succeed in various competitive examinations. 

FIITJEE Vijayawada comprises of a School, a Junior College and a specialized wing called USA UnivQuest .

FIITJEE International School lays the foundation, moulds the young minds to simplify the complexity that exists at intermediate level, lays a stress free path to succeed in highly competitive examinations like Olympiad, KVPY, and NTSE.

FIITJEE Junior College takes the student through a crucial phase where analytical skills and fundamental concepts developed are put to use in deciphering and decoding IIT JEE.  A three layered approach holds the hand of the student all along through the program, irrespective of his or her merit and ensures that they succeed to get in to an IIT or NIT or BITS. 

USA Univquest trains and guides students who aspire to pursue professional courses in top universities of world. 

Unique feature of FIITJEE Vijayawada is that it grooms students at all levels of IQ and ability to grasp the concepts, guides them through curriculum opens up a wide range of options to choose and pursue their higher studies.
Increasing number of FIITJEE Vijayawada students reaching IIT’s, NIT's and BIT's year by year has demonstrated that the concept based coaching and methodical  administration of  subjects can take students performance to a higher level  through a stress free preparation to succeed and excel in whatever the options they choose.

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